Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Initial Disclosures

If your card is registered and then lost: 

  • Log into your account and suspend the auto-reload feature from your lost/damaged card.
  • Immediately pick up a new card at your Sodexo location.*
  • Call our Customer Service Team at1-888-345-7646 and provide them with:
    1. The 16 (or 12 if lost) digit SoGo Cash Card/Tag number (available from your user account) of the lost or damaged card.
    2. The balance on the lost or damaged card.
    3. The last three transactions on your card (available by viewing current balance and usage history). This information is 
      used to verify that you are the authorized owner of that card. 

      After ownership verification is complete, the help desk will transfer the balance to the new card. 
    4. The 16-digit number of the new SoGo Cash Card/Tag.
  • Register your new card/tag.
  • Set up auto-reload for your new card/tag.

*If you cannot immediately secure a new card at your Sodexo location, log into your account and suspend any auto-reload feature, and then call the Customer Service Team to report the card lost. Your account will be frozen, after verifying ownership, at the time of your call, preventing unauthorized use. Please record the entire 16 digit number from the help desk. 

You can then pick-up a new SoGo Cash Card/Tag once the Sodexo location is open and call the Customer Service Team to move the balance from your lost card to the new one.

Destroy (shred or cut up) the old card.

If your SoGo Cash Card is unregistered and lost or stolen, the value cannot be replaced.  It is the same as losing cash.

You may also contact us at once if you are having difficulty accessing your account through the website, at 1-888-345-7646 or at SoGoCashCard.USA@sodexo.com.  You are responsible for all authorized transactions made from Your Account. You are not liable for unauthorized transactions.

You may use Your SoGo Cash Card to make purchases wherever the SoGo Cash Card logo is displayed.

The maximum amount You may purchase in a single SoGo Cash Card transaction is $500.  You may not have more than $1,000 in value on any of your SoGo Cash Cards at any time, and no more than $1,000 may be associated with any one SoGo Cash Card in a single day. The total value you may load onto all your SoGo Cash Cards, together with the value of any new SoGo Cash Cards that you may purchase, may not exceed $10,000 on any given day.

For security reasons, we may place limits on the number of daily SoGo Cash Card transactions you can make.

We will disclose information to third parties about Your Account or the transfers You make only when it is necessary for completing transactions, to verify the existence and condition of Your Account for a third party, such as a credit bureau or merchant, to comply with government agency or court orders, or if You give Us Your written permission.

If You have authorized Us to initiate a credit card payment to fund Your Account when it falls below a pre-set level, we will post the deposit to Your statement when the funds become available to Us. You can always view and copy Your Account balance and/or credit card transaction history online.  Or call 1-888-345-7646 to check your balance. 

Error Resolution Notice

In Case of Error or Questions About Your SoGo Cash Card Transfers:

Telephone Us at 1-888-345-7646. 

Write us at:
Sodexo Stored Value Services LLC
9801 Washingtonian Blvd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

or E-mail Us at SoGoCashCard.USA@sodexo.com. 

If You believe your SoGo Cash Card statement or receipt is in error or if you need more information about a transfer listed on Your statement or receipt:

  1. Contact us no later than 60 days from the transaction in question with the following information:
    1. Your name and Account number.
    2. Detailed description of error and/or reason more information is needed.
    3. Dollar amount of suspected error.
    4. Current contact information.
  2. If Your communication is oral, We may require You send Us Your complaint or question in writing within 10 business days.

We will determine whether an error occurred within 10 business days after We hear from You and will correct any error promptly. If We need more time, however, We may take up to 45 days to investigate Your complaint or question. If We decide to do this, We will credit Your Account within 10 business days for the amount You think is in error, so that You will have the use of the stored value during the time it takes Us to complete Our investigation. If We ask You to put Your complaint or question in writing and We do not receive it within 10 business days, We may not credit Your Account.

For errors involving new Accounts or point-of-sale transactions, We may take up to 90 days to investigate Your complaint or question. For new Accounts, We may take up to 20 business days to credit Your Account for the amount You think is in error.

We will tell You the results within three business days after completing Our investigation. If We decide that there was no error, We will send You a written explanation by e-mail. You may ask for copies of the documents we used in Our investigation. 

For purposes of these disclosures, Our business days are Monday through Friday.